Heart, Whales, Cave, and Tacos

...just a few of the things to love about Ka'ena Point Caves hike on the westside of O'ahu.

Happy Valentines Day...from rainy, thundery, O'ahu.  As I sit on my couch binge watching Keanu Reeves movies (annual heart day tradition), I decided to multi-task and hop on the computer to recount another recent hike I completed.  

Ka'ena Point is a well known state park located at the farthest tip of O'ahu where northern and western shores meet.  I have hiked both the north and west trails numerous times, to include adventures to the Pillboxes at the top, checking out the infamous heart shaped rock, visiting the albatross bird sanctuary, experiencing sunset, seeing monk seals, and whales breaching in the open ocean---it's a hiking play ground.

But of course, there was still something else I had not heard of or yet explored---the massive cave at the end of the trail before the bird sanctuary.  Ka'ena Point Cave was a super adventure (not to be confused with anothe…

Bellows Loop Trail

Our O'ahu weather hasn't been the greatest.  Rain, clouds, wind...they have kept us off the beach and off the trails the past couple weeks.  On a recent Saturday we found ourselves across the island, in what seemed like the one area that was less cloudy, less rainy, and less we both hiked and beached in the same general area at Bellows Air Force Base.

Our choice in beaches varies according to the age of our kids at the time, the height of the waves, if it's rained recently, and if we are wanting to use our stand up paddle board or not.  There's lots that goes into factoring a beach outing for us...and for me, the main thing that helps in my decision making process? What is good to eat and hike nearby.

Bellows Loop Trail met all the requirements needing to be met for me and my boys.  The trail is close to one of their favorite beaches, the trail is not long or rigorous, and it is close to some of the most delicious vegan food you can find on island from Ai …