Eight Years Later: Return to Koko Crater Railway Trail

September 2009 was the last time I climbed 1,048 steps up "the devil's trail".  I was eight years younger than I am now.  I had one less child.  I was not hiking all of the time, in fact, I was baking cupcakes daily.  But for reasons I have probably blocked out, Isom, Gabe (who was 6 at the time), and I climbed/hiked the Koko Crater Stairs.  I vowed never to return.

Never say never!  Eight years later, now with two kids, and definitely an avid hiker, I finally mustered the courage to re-evaluate/return/re-do Koko Crater Stairs.  While the first time was brutal, I'm pretty sure I likened the hike to childbirth (click here to read the original post), this second (and hopefully final time) was better...but still not great.

Last Tuesday, the kids had just started Fall Break from school.  It was the perfect opportunity to get together for a hiking, beach, and lunch out adventure day with our favorites, the Pommerenk family.  The weather was slightly cloudy (a wonderful…

Something Old Becomes New: Ka'ena Point Pillboxes

Friday has never been a day that I hiked.  It has always been a day for coffee meet-ups, after school dates with my boys, fireworks in Waikiki, food truck fun, or football games at the high school.  This past Friday I enjoyed my weekly coffee out with friends and a winning play-off game at the high school...but I also hiked.  It was a fun filled Friday.

Ka'ena Point (north shore access) is a great go to hike for me since it is relatively close by, pretty flat, and always provides scenic ocean and mountain views.  I've enjoyed exploring Ka'ena Point from the west and north trail heads, have had fun making it out to the point of O'ahu where west and north meet, seen Monk seals, dolphins off shore, Albatross, and fishermen.  In all my Ka'ena Point exploring, I hadn't yet visited the old WWII military bunkers or pillboxes...until this past Friday.

My hiking partner Mary and I headed out late in the afternoon on Friday, without the kids, and briskly hiked the 2.5 …